Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Another sleepless night

Managing my depression is becoming a frustration again. I feel very well except for the fact I can't sleep at night. My motivation and drive is good, my concentration and agitation of mind is worse than 'normal' but manageable, but my sleep is really suffering. I am going great with work but I can't see how I can sustain the level of quality without much sleep.

Hmm ... what to do ... I think I'm going to keep my meds up at 2 1/2 tabs daily and push myself a little harder than I have in the past. Previously when I've pushed I have crashed but I might take a bit of a chance on it with the additional medication constant. I can usually see or feel the depression coming (although last time I didn't). It's worth a try anyway.


Blogger John said...

I've found the best cure for insomnia is quite simple. Stop trying to sleep. Dont even think about going to bed until you can garuntee sleeping. Even if its 4am dont think "I wish I could sleep/I need to goto sleep". Simply stay up. If you've got work or something to do....so what?! Stay up. Eventually the constant tiredness gives you a sleeping pattern after about 3 days. You control you. Dont fret about sleep controlling you.

3:43 AM  
Blogger Blackdog said...

cheers john. up until I came down with depression I was a great sleeper. Two minutes with the light off and zzzzzzzz - so it's new territory for me (relatively speaking).

The challenge for me is balance though. I have to try and keep the relationship with my wife strong (and it helps by going to bed at the same time as her) and I need to be competent to look after my daughter in the mornings. So if at all possible I have to try and keep on the 9-5 type routine.

Recently if I pushed my body to tiredness I just crashed/relapsed with depression for a few days and the situation got worse. I believe I can push a little more these days though.

However, I think it's worth taking your comments on board because I do tend to worry about not sleeping - and that in itself keeps me awake. I think I'm well enough to try and run the sleep tank on empty for a bit so I'll try your suggestion to just chill out until I am ready to sleep. It makes sense that if I keep my routine and exhaust myself at the same time with a little sleep deprivation that it might put me back on the 9-5. Might try and use a little excercise to tire me out too. I'll let you know how it goes in a later post.

Thanks for your thoughts I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

1:43 AM  

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